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Veľké Pole 2009

The 4th year took place in the area of the football field in Veľké Pole on June 20th 2009 and was organized by the village Veľké Pole.


The following events were included in the program:


- 10 a.m. Football tournament. Teams: V. Uherce, Oslany, H. Ves, Radobica, V. Pole, Cerová,

- 10.30 a.m. Hiking tour via trails of Veľké Pole. The end of tour 2 p.m.,
- 11 a.m. The start of the cycling race via the cycloroute Medzihorie /cca 3 hours/ The end at 2 p.m.
- 3 p.m. Opening ceremony - welcoming of participants,
- 3.15 – 5.50 p.m. The performances of folk bands from the villages of Medzihorie. The event was moderated by Mrs. Eva Selhamová and the participants could enjoy the performance of Michal Červienka, the accordion player.
- 6 p.m. Announcement of winners of sports activities and presenting awards to the performers,
- 7 p.m. Performance of the female singer Jadranka and entertainer Štefan Hruštinský,
- 9 p.m. – 3 a.m. Dance party with the music band Song,
- 12 a.m. Fireworks.




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