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May 2002 witnessed the origination of a purpose aiming to build a cycling route in the microregion. Later on, the members of the unincorporated association of Medzihorie contributed to the origination of the 44-km-long cycling route marked by green color.


The purpose was to create and build a cycling route not only for inhabitants living in the villages of Medzihorie, but also for the general public (tourists and hikers from close and more distant surroundings). The route of a single lap is characterized by an easy and medium degree of difficulty and is appropriate for families with children andl also for recreational and sport-enthusiastic tourists. The route is made of mountain and submountain trails and makes part of the beautiful scenery of Medzihorie.



The cycling route begins in the sports motocross area, which is located in the cadastral area of the village Veľké Uherce.




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The route continues through the villages Oslany, Ľubianka, Radobica, Horná Ves, Veľké Pole part Muller, Veľké Uherce part Hrubý vrch and manor house up to the railway station in Veľké Uherce.



Besides the main route passing through the village, there is a yellow-color connection cycloroute between the willages of Horná Ves and Veľké Uherce.


This route runs through the part of Rudica in the opposite direction and connects to the cycloroute Medzihorie in Ľubianka.



It is not only the connecting roads you can use for cycling, it is also less used asphalt or forest roads used for logging. The diasdvantage is the linear course of some of the roads, which end in valleys and do not connect to any routes, but are one-way roads. We suppose that mountain biking is quite perspective for the future. 



In the close vicinity of Medzihorie, you can find also the following cycloroutes:



The cycloroute Bojnice – 162 km

Nitrianske Pravno (350 m. a. s. l.), Čičermanské sedlo (710 m. a. s. l.), Gápeľ, Temeš (520 m. a. s. l.), Kostolná Ves, Diviacka Nová Ves, Dolné Vestenice, Pažiť (205 m. a. s. l.), Oslany, Kamenec p. Vtáčnikom, Lehota p. Vtáčnikom, Cigeľ (460 m. a. s. l.), Sedlo pod Uhliskom (655 m. a. s. l.), Handlová, Remata, Kanie pysky (325 m. a. s. l.), Nedožery – Brezany, Pravenec, Nitrianske Pravno.


Cycling Trail Horná Nitra – 52 km

Oslany (230 m. a. s. l.), Kamenec p. Vtáčnikom, Nováky, Opatovce, Bojnice (300 m. a. s. l.), Poruba (420 m. a. s. l.), Chvojnica, Tužina, Čičermanské sedlo (710 m. a. s. l.), Sedlo Javorinka (795 m. a. s. l.).


Cycling route Rokoš– 27.5 km

Prievidza (m. a. s. l.), Bojnice, Šútovské sedlo (520 m. a. s. l.), Kostolná Ves, Rudnianska Lehota, Saddle under the Čiernym vrchom (785 m. a. s. l.).


Cycling route Pravno – 26 km

Prievidza (280 m. a. s. l.), Lazany, Nitrianske Pravno, Kľačno, Vrícke sedlo (670 m. a. s. l.).


Cycling route Žiar – 17.5 km

Prievidza (280 m. a. s. l.), Kanie pysky, Sedlo Štyri chotáre (711 m. a. s. l.).


Connection route Chvojnice – 15 km

Chvojnica majer (420 m. a. s. l.), Sedlo Obšiar (778 m. a. s. l.), Čavoj, Gápeľ .


Cycling route Lehota – 14 km

Prievidza (280 m. a. s. l.), Laskár, Lehota p. Vtáčnikom (360 m. a. s. l.).


Connection route Belianska – 13 km

Rázcestie pri odbočke do Čavoja (395 m. a. s. l.), Valaská Belá, Sedlo Homôlka (760 m. a. s. l.).


Saddle Fačkov – connection – 8 km
Kľačno (395 m. a. s. l.), Fačkovské sedlo (802 m. a. s. l.).







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