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Oslany 2007

The 2nd year was held on June 30th 2007 and was organized by the village Oslany in the village part Oslany – Ľubianka.

The event hosted a large number of people. The citizens from Oslany, Radobica, Horná Ves, Veľké Pole and Veľké Uherce participated.

The event was organized in a renewed area of the former school in Ľubianka. The cultural and sports program was quite rich. The local field hosted a football tournament, which was won by the team of Horná Ves. After the ascent from all four sides of the peak of Žarnov, 114 hikers met at the summit of the mountain.

As much as 40 cyclists, who got cooled down by a summer storm, used the cycloroute Medzihorie. The storm swept across the area in Ľubianka, where the cultural program offered performances of bands from the surrounding villages – FS Oslianka, Klasy a Kmotríkovci from Horná Ves, Bukovinka from Radobica, brass band Uherčanka from Veľké Uherce. Veľké Pole was represented by the folk artist Mr. Hlbocký who played untraditional musical instruments. Not only did he play the Slovak long pipe, traditional pipe, bagpipe but played the saw with a violin bow. The accompanying events event attracted a lot of children.

The event climaxed by a dancing show in a country style led by the music band Úsvit. The area was lit by the flames of the fireworks show.



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