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The microregion Medzihorie is very attractive for hikers thanks to the Natural protected adrea Ponitrie. The region of Medzihorie is located among three mountain ranges Vtáčnik, Tríbeč and Pohronský Inovec. Two of them are interconnected with The Line of Ponitrie marked red and leading through the ridges in the south-eastern and north-western direction. It starts in Nitra, continues to Zobot through Veľký Tríbeč, Jedľové Kostoľany, Veľké Pole, up to the peak of Vtáčnik and ends in Handlová. Out of its total length approximately 57 km lead through the territory of Ponitrie. The trail of Ponitrie is lined by a large number of nature trails marked by yellow, green and blue color. These trails lead from the side slopes to the main ridge. The total length of the nature trails in the area of CHKO Ponitrie amounts to about 270 km.




The network of the nature trails connects the most atractive places of the surrounding nature. In the cadaster of the villages of OZ Medzihorie, people use both marked and unmarked nature trails. The most attractive is the nature reserve Buchlov (peak of Buchlov and Žarnov), the nature reserve Dobrolín rocks and the cave Veľké Pole.


Horná Ves 


Next to the bus stop in the center of the village Horná Ves starts a green-color trail, which continues eastward by the second-category road No. 512. There is a green-color trail right behind the roadhouse Hájnik's wife tuning left to the side road. Then it continues to the Valley of Horná Ves to the recreational center AMS and to the next center Medika in the part of Loma. From the center AMS in the area known under the name Pioneer camp leads a green-color trail to Zadná lúka (1 hour and 40 minutes) and to the Valley of Bystričany (2 hours and 15 minutes). The blue-color nature trail continues past the road to the the valley Lomská (55 minutes) and the mountain Suchá (1 hour and 55 minutes), where you can find the marked line of Ponitrie.

On Zadná lúka the green-color trail meets with the yellow-color trail and heads from the East to the West. If hikers go eastward, they will get to the mountain called Rúbaný vrch (50 minutes), to The Valley of Klenová (1 hour and thirty minutes) and to Ostrý Grúň (2 hours and 20 minutes). In case they decide to go in opposite direction, they will head for the Nature reserve Buchlov. The peak of Buchlov itself (1040 m. a. s. l.) is 30 minutes walk from Zadná lúka. The yellow-color trail leads to the village Oslany (3 hours and 25 minutes). There is a trail from Buchlov through Sedlo pod Žarnom (1 hour and 50 minutes) and from here it takes only ten minutes to the peak of Žarnov (840 m. a. s. l.). 





Veľké Pole


The Trail of Ponitrie goes right through the center of the village. It starts in Nitra, continues through Veľký Tríbeč, Jedľové Kostoľany, Veľké Pole up to the peak of Vtáčnik and ends in Handlová. The trail is marked by red color. After you divert from the main road and head for Partizánske – Žarnovica, the trail continues towards the center of the village past the secluded dwellings Anglet and Grégerov štál, through which the trail passes. If hikers follow the trail, they will get to the Saddle under Rajtok, where the red-color trail meets the yellow-color trail heading from the East to the West into the village Cerová. In case a tourist or hiker decides to continue and follow the red-color trail, he/she will advance up to the crossroads of Suchá Hora. Here you can continue using the blue-color trail past the cottage settlement Lomy into the valley Hornoveská or even further following the red-color trail to the crossroads Rúbaný vrch.






The center of the village is characterized by a yellow trail mark, which continues eastward through Ďurišove always along the peak of Čertova Pec and Rakytská skala. Later hikers go past the peak of Žarnov, Sladná skala and the peak of Buchlov (1040 m. a. s. l.) made of combination of dark grey rocks up to the crossroads Zadná Lúka. In Zadná lúka, the yellow-color trail meets the green-color trail heading from the South to the North. If hikers head north, they will get to the valley Hornoveská, if south to the valley Bystričianska.






Veľké Uherce


There is a green-color trail beginning in the center of the village of Veľké Uherce with its end at the peak of mountain Oselný. It is a well-marked trail, which continues past the dam in Veľké Uherce to the settlement of Poždol, where the trail ends. The route crosses through the Trstený vrch to Brezová, the sadle called pod Ostrou, under the Hrubý vrch, the saddle of Oselná – Oselný vrch and continues to Vojtechovo, The Valley of Drahožice up to Poždol /dam/.

After reaching the summit of the mountain Oselný vrch, which overlooks the trees, you can enjoy a beautiful view (the near mountains of Tríbeč and Javorový vrch in the south). The route is not demanding and hikers and tourists also walk the route in the opposite direction as well.








There is no nature trail passing through the village of Radobica. However, there are unmarked roads serving the foresters for the procession and transportation of the wood. These roads are accessible for tourists and reveal the little known beauties of the region.





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