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Other forms of relaxation and leisure


Besides hiking and cyclotourism the visitors can enjoy other forms of relaxation and leisure. The choice is solely up to the visitor (tourist) and the range of activities is following: 


Motocross and autocross


The village Veľké Uherce is known for its motocross and autocross track, where several motocross and autocross races take place throughout the year. The area of Motoclub has hosted the European and World Championship. You even have the possibility to rent the motocross track in the village.


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Cyclotrial and shooting

There is a cyclotrial track in the village Horná Ves. The track is available for children and youth and was gradually build in the nearby area of shooting gallery in the meadow shrubs. The headquarters of the village consider the rock quarry in the settlement of Pacov a perspective place. The visitors have the chance to use the facilities of the shooting gallery.


 Mountain and rock climbing

The rock massif facing southward is protected by the surrounding forests of the protected natural area Ponitrie in the nearby valley of Bystričany. It is the place visited by the international lovers of mountain and rock climbing. Hrádok in the mountain range Vtáčnik offers more than 50 climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty. Everyone with positive attitude to nature and the desire to take delight in the peacefulness of the valley of Bystričany can enjoy the view from the rock massif. However, some of the climbing routes located in the surroundings of the threatened birds are closed due to their protection from February 1st to the end of June. 











Hunting and mushroom picking

The surrounding woods and forests provide favorable conditions for hunting and picking mushrooms. It is not only local citizes who come here to pick mushrooms, but also tourists from the region of Horná Nitra.


Horse riding

Riding a horse is offered in the village of Radobica, part Cerová as well as by the factory breeders in Veľké Pole (Boarding house Sedlo), which is 2 km away from the village.


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Bathing, steering boats and fishing 

The natural scenery of the village Veľké Uherce is endowed by the water tank used for recreational purposes such as camping, bathing, steering boats and fishing. The cadaster of the village Radobica, part Cerová offers a pond for participation in such activities 




The Ski Center – Horná Ves: There is a ski lift 500 meters away from the hotel Loma with a 800-meter long lift Tatrapoma with the length of ski routes almost 1000 meters at the altitude of 700 meters. Above is a short lift with the length of the ski route equaling 400 meters. The surroundings also offer rich choice of ski routes for cross-country skiers, slalom and downhill fans.



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The village Radobica offers a children's ski lift, which provides opportunities for winter recreation.





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